About Me
I have been painting in Southern Ontario for the last 25 years. By applying paint, mixed media and abstraction, I try to bring the viewer into a world that articulates the beauty that is around and within us.

I use bold, iridescent and harmonious colour with a layered mosaic of texture to reveal feelings and emotions. I isolate the movements in nature and the passion that it evokes.  Inspiration comes from my many travels to the West Coast of Canada; Banff, Tofino, Pacific Rim Trails, Squamish and the many paths of the Bruce in Ontario.  I incorporate natural elements that I have gathered along my many peregrinations, like bark and wood shavings.

I received a BFA from York University with a double major in studio painting and art history.  I currently teach Visual Arts and enjoy inspiring new young artists. 

I love what I do and I am passionate about it. Email me for any questions or comments!!​

email me
Interested? Questions? Email artistmich@yahoo.com